Neat Petit Scarf in Grey Tones

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The Neat Petit is a compact yet stylish fashion accessory with a monochromatic look. Both versatile and contemporary this design will fit very snug on your neckline, draped over your shoulders and keep the draft off your neck without being cumbersome. It’s also a lovely item to wear indoors to keep a chill off .

The skinny ladder, incorporated in the knitting is a recognisable trade mark of Andrea Dunne Designs over the years, which gives the product a more interesting appearance, whilst redefining the length of the scarf.

100% Merino and ethically sourced.

Approx: 20 x 180cm

Our planet – Hand-wash

Merino generally requires less washing than any other fibre and is extremely Wrinkle Resistant which assists with no ironing – less electricity used.

Renewable – Merino wool comes straight from MotherEarth.

The elements of water, grass and fresh air combined are the natural sources from which the Non-Mulesed Merino Sheep grow and depend on. Their name is Ovis Aries and they graze on the hills of South Africa, producing a new fleece twice a year.

Biodegradable – Merino fibre naturally decomposes in soil.

Non allergenic – Research has demonstrated that Merino products can, in many cases reduce adult and infant eczema symptoms.

Durable – Merino is a performance fibre. It has moisture wicking properties – it absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing. It’s considerably warm yet lightweight and breathable.

Sustainable – 1 merino sheep can produce 4-5 garments. (It takes 2 goats to make 1 cashmere garment)

Swatch request available

Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 180 × 20 cm
Size options

Long Version (20x200cm)
Large (30x200cm)

2 reviews for Neat Petit Scarf in Grey Tones

  1. Juliette Lester

    This is a brilliant scarf. It is cosy, comfortable, versatile and stylish. It sits well on me and I feel good when I wear it.

  2. Nicky Johnson

    So soft and stylish with a mix of greys that go well with any colour. The materials and workmanship are top quality and I love the detail in the stitching…makes it that little bit different!

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