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Bring the coastal elements of West Sussex into your home with this beautiful colour-way with striking classic stripes design, using Ice White, Pale Greys, Misty Blue and Brilliant Yellow.


Interior cushion is plump with ethically sourced duck down/feathers and the outer cover is knitted using superfine merino, crafting a luxury fabric of the softest quality.


Andrea Dunne is a sensitive designer, specialising in the use of colour for her unique designs. There is a specific formula she has created for the Classic Stripe combinations and the Coast Colours are perfect for it.

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Coast Cushion consists of a classic stripe design, inspired by the South West Of England on a blissful sunny day.

100% Merino and ethically sourced.

40 x 40cm

Our planet – Hand-wash

Merino generally requires less washing than any other fibre and is extremely Wrinkle Resistant which assists with no ironing – less electricity used.

Renewable – Merino wool comes straight from MotherEarth.

The elements of water, grass and fresh air combined are the natural sources from which the Non-Mulesed Merino Sheep grow and depend on. Their name is Ovis Aries and they graze on the hills of South Africa, producing a new fleece twice a year.

Biodegradable – Merino fibre naturally decomposes in soil.

Non allergenic – Research has demonstrated that Merino products can, in many cases reduce adult and infant eczema symptoms.

Durable – Merino is a performance fibre. It has moisture wicking properties – it absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing. It’s considerably warm yet lightweight and breathable.

Sustainable – 1 merino sheep can produce 4-5 garments. (It takes 2 goats to make 1 cashmere garment)

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Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm

1 review for Coast Cushion

  1. Juliette Lester

    I love my two coast cushions; the colour-way works beautifully, creating a room accessory which works in all weathers and in all seasons. The cushions are so nice to the touch, too and it’s great knowing that they are washable – just in case.

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