Children’s Bertie Stripe – Merino Scarf in Pink & Charcoal



Sensitivity to colour and precision during technical trials motivate and inspire Andrea. Work process begins with Visual research – taking photos, mulling over colour combinations, sketching, using mixed media – and ends with a special, considered product. A love for ‘risky’ combinations is usually explored during this process too.


Unbelievably Soft with the quality of super-fine silkiness. Merino is a natural fibre which is able to breathe effectively in both cold and warm weather conditions. Merino Wool is perfect for all year round.


The Bertie Original Stripe Scarf was designed for Andrea’s son when he turned 3yrs. Not content with any specific colour, it was decided between them, to use as many as one could. The Pink and Charcoal Stripe Scarf naturally, came next.

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Such a cute and eye catching statement design for children who love Colour. Especially Pink & Charcoal.

Made with such super-soft Merino, this accessory could end up being the ‘comfort blanket’ of their wardrobe. It looks quirky and fun, is durable and will keep your child warm for hours of outdoor play.

100% Superfine Merino.

Our planet – Hand-wash

Merino generally requires less washing than any other fibre and is extremely Wrinkle Resistant which assists with no ironing – less electricity used.

Renewable – Merino wool comes straight from MotherEarth.

The elements of water, grass and fresh air combined are the natural sources from which the Non-Mulesed Merino Sheep grow and depend on. Their name is Ovis Aries and they graze on the hills of South Africa, producing a new fleece twice a year.

Biodegradable – Merino fibre naturally decomposes in soil.

Non allergenic – Research has demonstrated that Merino products can, in many cases reduce adult and infant eczema symptoms.

Durable – Merino is a performance fibre. It has moisture wicking properties – it absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing. It’s considerably warm yet lightweight and breathable.

Sustainable – 1 merino sheep can produce 4-5 garments. (It takes 2 goats to make 1 cashmere garment)

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